This is very beneficial if you want to save money for text messages going to Philippines especially if you are in a foreign country. Remember, you can even send free sms philippines without registration wherever you are from and you can send it anonymously to the receiver. That is the advantages for this software. If you want to show your identity to the receiver, just put your name or cellular phone number in the box that indicates to the sender of the text message, and be sure to fill the captcha below the message box before sending it.

Free Text to Philippines from Abroad Send SMS for Mobile

The free text message software can be use anytime and every time you want to send text messages to any cell-phone number. If you have some difficulties to setup the software just let me know by commenting below this page. I will try to help you in any problem you encounter to this page and software. But since I started to use it, I have got no problem every time I send a text message. The browsers I use are Google chrome and Firefox but not tried yet to the other browser I think it will also work to any browsers.
Well, I hope you enjoy this software “send free text to Philippines from abroad” and it helps you to save money for sending text messages at all time. Please don’t abuse this software and use it in a right way or in a good manner. If any problem you encounter to this page and on the free text message software just let me know by commenting below. If you think that this page is helpful to anybody, please share it to them through Facebook or any social sites you have by clicking the like/share button below. Enjoy!

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